Your Children or Mine?

Your Children or Mine?

When parents separate, one of the most emotional and difficult areas to resolve is the arrangements for any children.

There is never a standard solution for family arrangement- what works for one family, may not for yours and what is best for children when they are at primary school, may not be right when they are teenagers.

In our many years of experience, we have found that communication is the key. Being able to talk about the future in an open and amicable way provides a great foundation. Some families need support in order to agree arrangements and that is where we can guide you through mediation, the collaborative process or the court system.

‘If a child is over a certain age, usually 10 or 11, we sometimes speak to them directly to find out their thoughts on the situation and wishes for the future,’ explains Debbie Bulmer, of Family Solutions Now. ‘Processes involving child inclusive mediation are becoming increasingly popular and useful.’

At Family Solutions Now, all our lawyers are child-focused and wish to assist in reaching an agreement that works for you all. Whilst we will always endeavour to explore alternative options, sometimes that does involve an application to the court, but we believe that open and honest advice is the best to ensure that an outcome is achieved as swiftly as possible. Nobody benefits from a long drawn out disputes. If you have any concerns relation to the arrangements for your children, we offer a 30-minute free consultation and are happy to discuss your personal circumstances with you.

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