We’re common law spouses aren’t we?

It is a long-held misconception that a couple who have lived together for a long time are classed as ‘Common Law Spouses’. Whilst such laws operate elsewhere in the world, there is no such ruling here in England and Wales.

Many cohabitees are shocked on separation to realise how little the law assists them. Whilst it is hoped that changes are getting closer to improve our outdated and inadequate laws, it is important for all unmarried couples to be aware of potential vulnerabilities and take steps which can assist them.

Nobody plans to separate but putting in place plans to formalise your living arrangements are sensible.

A ‘Cohabitation’ or ‘Living Together Agreement’ can set out the terms in which a couple lives together and what both individuals agree should happen in the event of separation. Such agreements may be accompanied by other legal arrangements, such as ‘Declarations of Trust’, to formalise matters as much as possible, because these documents are heavily persuasive to Courts if dealt with in the proper manner.

Whatever relationship a couple chooses to have outside formal marriage, it is important both parties fully understand the legal consequences and how it could impact them. We offer a 30-minute free consultation and can give you tailored advice to your personal situation.

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