Collaborative Law

With the no fault divorce still on hold and delays in parliament looking set to continue, many couples  still in limbo wanting to formally separate, but not to get involved in messy acrimonious divorce proceedings.

There is another way, (and, really, it’s a better way)……..

Collaborative Law is a process in which a separating couple each appoint a specially trained family lawyer. Rather than costly letters back and forth, all discussions are carried out around the table in a more approachable way, with the goal of reaching a solution which works for both parties and the family.

In circumstances where parties require legal advice but wish to retain control themselves and avoid unnecessary acrimony, the collaborative process is the way forward.  Their solicitors are on hand during the meetings to give immediate advice, so that they can press forward.

‘If there is no fault or blame between a couple, then there shouldn’t be an obstacle to a guided discussion with a legal professional to sort out any issues involving assets, finances and family,’ says Debbie Bulmer, of Family Solutions Now.

‘The discussions will lead to a formal report of recommendation that can be verified in a formal Court Order and then a couple are free to move on.  The courts are quite often willing to deal with the paperwork more quickly, as a sign of their commitment to helping families resolve their own issues.’

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