Havant Arbitration Family Law Solicitor

We are a professional team of arbitration family law solicitors in Havant, Hampshire, dedicated to helping families who are having problems find ways of moving forward with their lives including dealing with family divorce.

Arbitration enables couples going through relationship breakdown to resolve any disputes outside the courtroom.

Instead of waiting for a case to be heard by a judge, a couple enters into an agreement and appoints an qualified arbitrator who will listen to each party fairly and impartially, and then make a final and binding decision (known as an ‘award’) on any disputes concerning finances, property and child-related issues.

The same arbitrator will deal with all stages of the case from start to finish, but the couple is in control of how the process is run, choosing the venue, whether to conduct proceedings face-to-face or in writing and if the arbitrator is needed for the whole process or just certain issues.

The benefits of Arbitration for a couple in include…

  • speed (couples can arrange a meeting as soon as the arbitrator is appointed)
  • less formal than a courtroom
  • discreet, private and completely confidential
  • being in control and choosing the arbitrator
  • space for more flexible and individual solutions
  • guaranteed decisions that are final
  • very cost-effective

Family Solutions Now’s founder, Claire Webb  became a qualified Arbitrator in 2013 and three years later, was appointed one of the UK’s first Arbitrators for cases involving children, making Mediation Now one of the first firms in the country to offer arbitration in all family law disputes.

Family Arbitration can also be used for:

  • divorce financial disputes claims on inheritance from a child or spouse
  • financial claims after an international divorce
  • claims for child maintenance between unmarried parents
  • disputes about property ownership between unmarried couples
  • civil partnership financial claims
  • living arrangements for children
  • contact arrangements for children
  • disputes over where children should go to school

To get in contact with a family law solicitor in Havant please call on: 023 92 476049


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